About Score Communications

Since Est. 2003

Welcome to Score Communications

Score Communications is not a traditional training company. We are not a traditional sales coaching company. We are something completely different: a group of passionate professionals focused on leveraging communications to actively listen to the needs of others and provide them with the answers that will move them forward.

John Sanna started Score Communications after several years in the training industry, where he was hired not to provide training -- but to sell it. He listened to the trainers. He learned what they were teaching. 

And he knew he could do it better. 

That's when John went to the President of the major communications training organization where he was working and asked to be taught how to lead a workshop. Initially, he simply wanted to be more effective at selling the training workshops. After the intense training process, John was ready for the classroom.

Unlocking Communication Potential

Soon, John discovered that he had the high-energy and enthusiasm needed to help others unlock their communication potential. He worked with everyone from NASCAR drivers to casino owners in Atlantic City -- and made them successful at their jobs. On the corporate side, John “cut his teeth” working with GE at their famed Crotonville training facility. 

He revolutionized the training that was being delivered by customizing his message based on the needs of his audience. John knew he was on to something when people started really enjoying the training that he delivered. Instead of simply providing boring facts, he found ways to bring his themes to life. 

Learning + Technology

Next, John moved to Gartner Group, where they were at the very beginning of developing their online training program. In what was quite a shift from teaching sales and management, John leveraged his love of technology and learned C++ and other programming languages on Gartner's revolutionary training platform LOIS -- Learning Organization Information System.

John's continued down the technology path, diving deeper into how people learn and how they interact both in an computer based and classroom setting. He watched . . . he listened . . . and he learned. 

The Future In Pharma

In yet another shift in his career, John moved into a group training KOLs -- Key Opinion Leaders -- or doctors who were able to effectively communicate with other doctors. The difference in this communication process was what intrigued him, and opened his eyes to the vast improvements that individuals could define in their presentation and communication skills in a simple 1-3 hour hands-on workshop. After several years, it was John's wife who realized that he was wasting his talents providing only a limited amount of training, and she encouraged him to strike out on his own -- which was the beginning of Score Communications in September 2011.

Score Communications

John went back to his first mentor at the major communication training organization to help him build a presentation and sales training program. With those two programs and 2 clients JPMorgan Chase and Berlex Laboratory’s John started Score Communications, LLC

  • Stay on topic
  • Listen to the needs of your client
  • Track the information they provide
  • Focus on the present and future
  • Lead a conversation

Today, Score Communications is 100% focused on the pharmaceutical industry, where he helps individuals eliminate barriers to sales. John and his team are comfortable coaching individuals at all levels of an organization and are able to customize training for the specific needs of their clients. 

John believes that if your skillsets are strong, you can control the conversation. Effective presentation and selling are learned skills; even if you're not good at them today -- you can and will improve with hands-on practice and coaching. 

Giving back is incredibly important to the Score Communications team. John has been teaching presentation skills to MBA students at The University of Florida in Gainesville for many years, and credits this lifelong dedication to helping others with the continued growth of Score Communications. John has taught in the Prison Entrepreneurship Program Houston, TX.