Coaching for Performance Improvement

Length: 1 Day

Learning Method:


Learning Objectives

Pre-call planning

  1. dentification Process
  2. Performance Condition Process
  3. Solution Process

10 Steps

Steps 1-6 of the interview format clarify the condition of poor performance.

  1. Frame the meeting.
  2. Identify strength.
  3. Link the strength to change.
  4. Specify the poor performance.
  5. Listen to the employee viewpoint.
  6. State the consequences of no change in the performance.
  7. Steps 7-10 develop the solution to the problem.

  8. Specify the desired performance.
  9. Arrive at a “How to” agreement.
  10. State the benefits of the desired behavior.
  11. Establish a follow-­‐up to review the employee’s performance.