Leadership without Authority: Advancing Organizational Goals

This workshop provides proven strategies and techniques to develop your competencies for ethically mastering organizational politics. Much of the influencing process in organizations happens “behind the scenes”. This workshop will legitimize the ethical use of the dynamics of power, organizational politics, influence without authority, and upward and outward leadership in the achievement of organizational goals. Organizational politics need not be coercive and covert. An organizational culture that supports the ethical use of influencing “in front of the scene” the more innovative and effective the organization will be. This workshop is for those serious about making a difference with their work lives while maximizing their career success. And, the workshop is for those looking to change the culture of their organization. You are going to wish you had this workshop earlier in your career.

Participants will learn through interactive and dynamic educational instruction, including experiential learning and role-playing and case study exercises.

Learning Objectives

Learn how to prepare and effectively interact virtually via telephone and email. Topics and content match relevant experience and need of individuals and in a manner consistent with current business practices. This includes:

  1. Develop an appreciation for using ethical political influencing techniques and strategies
  2. Develop an understanding of the various political styles
  3. Develop an understanding of your own political style, strengths, weaknesses
  4. Present your ideas or challenge others’ ideas appropriately
  5. Detect, prevent, and manage deception
  6. Recognize and handle sabotage
  7. Assess the political landscape
  8. Develop non-­‐manipulative strategies that have the best chance to advance the agenda of the organization
  9. Learn how to network, promote yourself, handle hidden agendas, sell your ideas to stakeholders, and building your power base in an ethical manner that maintains your integrity
  10. Learn the importance of impression management and how to project an appropriate image