Managing Across Generations

Length: 1 Day

Learning Method:

Classroom Competency Focus: Management Skills Level: Advanced


Effective Communication Skills

Learning Objectives

Each participant will learn to:

  1. Define the generations: Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y
  2. What all generations have in common
  3. Generational Differences: Outlook, Work Ethic, View of Authority, Leadership by
  4. Relationships & Perspectives
  5. What make the generations Unique
  6. How each generation is shaped by their times: Focus on Children & Family, Scheduled, Structured lives, Multiculturalism, Terrorism & War, Heroism, Parent Advocacy, Globalism, Worldwide economic crisis, Popular Technologies & Entertainment
  7. Generation Strengths, Challenges to Employees and Managers, What Motivates Them
  8. Guidelines for working with different generations: Nine Rules of Engagement