Team Building

Is your team performing at the highest level possible? Are they collaborating? Cohesive?

Today's businesspeople are being asked to do more with less, faster. If your team is struggling to get results team dynamics are likely holding them back.

Get your teams to seamlessly work together, flexing to fill in gaps while trusting each other’s contributions Trust and strong working relationships doesn't happen overnight.

How can you utilize cutting-edge communication skills to create a cohesive team from a group of individuals?

Discovering Your Team's Fit

There are many different strengths finders for individuals, but the Team Dimensions Profile is specifically targeted at the dynamics that exist within your team. Someone who is aggressive in one team may find themselves as the peacemaker in another team. Personality tests are still very valuable and help us understand ourselves at a deeper level. When you are trying to craft a high-performing team you will have to dig deeper into strategic team dynamics and how each individual contributes to the larger goal. 

Defining Their Passion

Team members who are energized are able to execute more effectively. What type of project fires up the individuals on your team? What are their strengths? Weaknesses? Talents? None of these things disappear when you're part of a team. When managers assign tasks to a team member without taking the personal preferences of the individuals into account, they are reducing the overall effectiveness of the group. Just as you wouldn't assign a kicker to play quarterback in the Super Bowl, you also need to pay attention to the unique talents and traits of your business team members.

These masters of their craft have been studied by generations of management professionals. We will work with you directly to ensure that you are able to leverage the best parts of their teachings to craft your own winning leadership style. Contact us today at 203 724-7644 or via email to to learn more and get started. 

Valuable Individuals

Team members may not even value what they bring to the group -- their specific talents and abilities may not be visible at first blush. The Team Dimensions Profile helps business teams de-mystify the process of team building, identifying the key talents and approach of each individual and showing how their strengths can be leveraged to meet aggressive business goals. Each of the roles below makes a unique contribution to a team.

Creator:  generates ideas 

Advancer: communicates ideas 

Refiner: challenges ideas 

Executor: implements ideas 

Flexer: steps in to fill in the gaps

You can see how having a team full of individuals attempting to fill the same role can be inefficient and even stressful for the members. Excess energy that could be put towards a breakthrough is instead used to balance the team roles or push forward an agenda. Teams are naturally more efficient if they are able to embrace their natural talents and skills and stay primarily within their preferred role or roles.

Through your work with Score Communications, the individuals on your team will explore their preferred role -- exploring how it fits with their core skills and abilities. Each person will gain a deeper understanding of their comfort level for team dynamics, where they fit most effectively and gain valuable insights into work habits. Together, teams grow in their respect for the contributions of others and learn how to work together more effectively. Ready to create a sustainable advantage for your business teams? Contact Score Communications today at 203-900-1014 or fill out our online contact form for more information and a quick call back.