Leading Across Boundaries: Creating Collaborative Organizations

Length: 1 or 2 Days

Learning Method:


In today’s fast paced turbulent business environment where cooperation wins out over micro-­‐ management and coercion the competencies and acumen to build effective collaborative relationships has never been greater. Leading across Boundaries is all about how to make collaboration work. Learn how to build trust, transparency, and relationships for successful collaboration. Understand the process of configuring structures, processes, reward systems, and people practices to create an effective system capable of achieving the business strategy.

Participants will learn through interactive and dynamic educational instruction, including experiential learning, role playing and case study exercises.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn about the challenges and benefits of collaborative
  2. Understand how to build a framework for collaboration
  3. Learn the 5 STAR Process to align strategy with structures, capabilities, processes, rewards and people
  4. Learn strategies to solve the centralization-­‐decentralization dilemma
  5. Learn to build trust in relationships
  6. Learn the skills and competencies of a collaborative leader
  7. Learn the steps to get the collaborative process started
  8. Learn the importance of and how to gain commitment on a common direction
  9. Learn to navigate and work across different organizational cultures
  10. Learn to handle conflict and resolve issues effectively
  11. Learn how to deal with people problems in collaboration.
  12. Dealing with difficult situations: large egos, empire builders and information hoarding

Who Should Attend:

Senior managers, directors, vice presidents and other executives, as well as mid-level managers and others in positions of leadership